If you are wondering what inspires Cole and me about Mono Lake, I can name it in two words. JEEP EXCURSIONS. While staying on the rutted dirt roads, we start in search of maybe an antelope, an old mining structure, a white tailed jack rabbit, or a grove of Aspen trees in reds and yellow. Get away from even the few people in the area, and search on each turn of the rutted road. The first time we saw Blue Grouse, I knew I was in a magical place up at 11,000 feet on a windy almost barren mountain top. We could hardly walk ourselves because of the strong winds, so we drove along slowly wondering how these Grouse could be so comfortable. The wonders never will cease up in the high country where we can take our red jeep, and the best part is that we will never run out of places to see in our red jeep. Next summer we will explore the old Log Cabin Mine at 9000 ft.

Priscilla Hawkins

Priscilla Hawkins

Priscilla Hawkins has studied cello since childhood and graduated from the University of Michigan Music School. She ha sserved as principal cellist of the Detroit Women’s Symphony, Bakersfield Symphony and the Tulare County Symphony. I holds a California Teaching Credential and have taught cello and chamber music privately and in the schools for 30 years and was a member of the interdisciplinary story telling group Voice of the Wood for 16 years.
Priscilla Hawkins

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