When is the camp for 2017?

The 2017 summer camp starts with dinner on Sunday June 25 at 5 pm and goes through July 1st.

Where is Mono Lake Music Camp?

Mono Lake is located in Northern California on the Mono Basin in the Sierra Nevada. Campers and coaches live at the Hawkin’s house on the North side of Mono Lake. Sleeping arrangements are in 2 bedrooms, one for boys and one for girls with a shared bathroom in one wing of the house.

How long does the music camp last?

Our music camp lasts one week with classes throughout the week and a concert is held on Saturday afternoon at the Historic Mono Inn in the Lake Room overlooking the lake.

How much does camp cost?

Cost is $600 which covers all meals and activities (except a $40 horseback riding fee.) Early registration discounts of $25 are available for applications received by May 1st. A deposit of is required with your initial application. If you later change your mind or are not accepted, you will be refunded $100 immediately.

When are applications due?

Deadline for applications is June 1. To receive an early-bird discount of $25 apply by May 10.

Are scholarships available?

Two scholarships are available from the Arlene Seaman fund. Contact us for an application.

How much will my child learn?

Your child will play his or her instrument in coached chamber groups, take private lessons, and have classes on improvisation, performance issues, and music listening. Nights will be occupied with stargazing and jam sessions.

We will look at the local wildlife, geology and plants. Wildflowers and wildlife vary from year to year. We usually see deer and small mammals. Coyotes are fairly common. Less common sightings include beaver, Big Horned Sheep, Bald Eagles and Pika. We will discuss the relationship between the distribution of water, wildlife and plants. One of the dominant geological features are the glaciated valleys.

Which instruments are accepted at camp?

All instruments are encouraged. Past campers have played bass clarinet, harp, flute, violin, viola, cello, string bass, and oboe.

Do we play a concert?

Campers play a dress rehearsal concert on the outside deck of the Mono Lake Committee on Friday, then the in door final concert on Saturday at the Mono Inn.

What other classes are held during camp?

There will be two sessions learning techniques for problem solving and conflict resolution through rehearsal process.

What type of hikes?

Our hikes vary in length, visiting a volcano may be a half mile hike, while our high country hike may be 2 miles or more. Location of longer hikes depends on the snowpack of a given year.

We have hiked to the ghost town of Benettville, to a beaver dam high in Lundy Canyon, and a miner’s cabin in the Virginia Lakes area. Most days we go on a short hike.

What foods do we eat?

Chicken Dore, shrimp and veggie skewers, organic green salads with home made dressing, pizza, tacos with chicken or beef, veggies. Desserts include berry cobbler, brownies, ice cream, chocolate pudding, and cake.

Who makes our food?

Linda Dore Food Services in close by Lee Vining. Her meals and desserts always get rave reviews from campers.

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