Oh, the Tuesday night Campfire Feast


Perfection was sought

Camp time is coming closer, June 22-28, as my mind moves to the fun and relaxing time of the Tuesday night cookout. It is one of my favorite times at camp. Cole goes on ahead to prepare the wood fire in Lundy Canyon (Aspen forest) campground, and when campers arrive the sticks(made from branches) for roasting hot dogs(veggie too) and marshmallows are ready to be used. Can you roast a perfect hot dog with crispy sides but not burned? Sometimes 8 campers are all roasting at the same time giving advice on the best technique.

Next come the roasted marshmallows to use in making samores (the camper limit is five). Some love them charred, but others just lightly browned. This night is for getting to know each other, walking along the stream, looking for deer and participating in the Talent Show.

We all enjoy the impromptu atmosphere of presenting a rap song about styrofoam or a dance routine to “Fame”. On the drive east, back to our house, the sky is gorgeous combination of pink, yellow, blue and grey. That story will be left to another blog.

Priscilla Hawkins

Priscilla Hawkins

Priscilla Hawkins has studied cello since childhood and graduated from the University of Michigan Music School. She ha sserved as principal cellist of the Detroit Women’s Symphony, Bakersfield Symphony and the Tulare County Symphony. I holds a California Teaching Credential and have taught cello and chamber music privately and in the schools for 30 years and was a member of the interdisciplinary story telling group Voice of the Wood for 16 years.
Priscilla Hawkins

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