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Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra is the site of our Music and Ecology Camp held for one week in the summer. Students ages 12-18 attend, and this is so much more than just an Ecology Camp or a Music Camp. The serenity just cuts off the stresses of living in a city area, and therefore you have time to use your sense of sight, touch, and smell to see the beautiful skies, smell of the sagebrush, feel of the special winter poconip fog on the trees.

Wheelbarrel              PoconipYour mind is now in a place of calm wonder at the beauty of the lake, the mountains, the dormant volcanoes, and the Milky Way. There is no light pollution, and there is no sound pollution. Now in this place you can connect your music with the nature all around. This place makes the combination of a Music and Ecology Camp come together in a seamless picture.

Cole and I spend the whole summer living in our Mono Lake house, then camp is held June 25- July 1, 2017. The summer weather is dry with temperatures at night in the 40’s and daytime in the 70’s and 80’s.

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Priscilla Hawkins

Priscilla Hawkins

Priscilla Hawkins has studied cello since childhood and graduated from the University of Michigan Music School. She ha sserved as principal cellist of the Detroit Women’s Symphony, Bakersfield Symphony and the Tulare County Symphony. I holds a California Teaching Credential and have taught cello and chamber music privately and in the schools for 30 years and was a member of the interdisciplinary story telling group Voice of the Wood for 16 years.
Priscilla Hawkins

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