The Skies Above Mono Lake

The trip to Mono Lake is worth it just to view the skies. The varied cloud shapes will amaze you, in particular the many saucer shaped wispy clouds all across the sky. Our neighbor, Tom took a photo of an eagle shaped cloud.  My favorite time of day is sunset. There are never two the same, so you get your money’s worth every night. The sun goes down behind the Sierra Mountains leaving colors of orange, pink, gold, and blue, and what a joy to watch the colors turn to pale pink and greenish gray as the sun sinks farther behind the Sierra. Our view at the house gives you 360 degrees of cloud and sky views. You will just GASP at the sight.

Thinking of twilight, these words come to my mind from that old song, Twilight Time:

Heavenly shades of night are calling, it’s twilight time.

Some days I wait for evening, just to be with you.

Together at last at twilight time.

One night I was walking along the dirt driveway towards our house, and saw the White Mountains in the east as they turned to a palest of pinks. I went right into my painting studio/music room/ pool room/exercise and Sauna room, and there I painted the scene before my eyes just using my heightened senses. It was done just from inspiration, and I gave it to one of my very favorite people.

The skies and landscape around Mono Lake will inspire you and give you new dreams and creative ideas.

Priscilla Hawkins

Priscilla Hawkins

Priscilla Hawkins has studied cello since childhood and graduated from the University of Michigan Music School. She ha sserved as principal cellist of the Detroit Women’s Symphony, Bakersfield Symphony and the Tulare County Symphony. I holds a California Teaching Credential and have taught cello and chamber music privately and in the schools for 30 years and was a member of the interdisciplinary story telling group Voice of the Wood for 16 years.
Priscilla Hawkins

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